English Cities Going Green


Residents in some English cities will soon be able to zip around town in stylish and environmentally-friendly Smart Fortwo micro-hybrid cars, thanks to a new mobility scheme.

For instance, Car2Go is busily preparing to launch the Birmingham branch of their popular pay-as-you-go car rental service. A fleet of 250 smart cars will be stationed across the city, ready to be taken on long and short journeys by members of the programme.

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Vauxhall Ampera – Rent Car in the UK from 2012

Vauxhall Ampera
Vauxhall Ampera

One of Europe’s largest car rental companies Europcar announced that they’re taking on Opel Ampera (pardon, Vauxhall) extended range hybrids as their rental cars.

The first Amperas will be delivered to company’s German branches in November 2011. Later this year a few cars will appear in Belgium and Netherlands. With the UK we’ll have to wait a while – Vauxhall Ampera rental car is due to appear in London in spring 2012. Around the same time the greener rental will be unrolled in other Western European countries.

Although GM Europe maintains that an Ampera is as easy to drive as

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Electric Car Rentals for London

November 2009 marks another milestone in history of electrification of London. A new company GoGo Electric Car Rentals is launching to offer Londoners 100% electric cars for short term rental. Electric cars are exempt from the Congestion Charge, qualifying for free parking and free to re-charge (at specifically designed outlets). This fleet of environmentally conscious cars is destined to become the welcome choice of the future motoring.

Prices start from as little as £22 per day for a four-seater GoGo electric car. Rental term

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