English Cities Going Green


Residents in some English cities will soon be able to zip around town in stylish and environmentally-friendly Smart Fortwo micro-hybrid cars, thanks to a new mobility scheme.

For instance, Car2Go is busily preparing to launch the Birmingham branch of their popular pay-as-you-go car rental service. A fleet of 250 smart cars will be stationed across the city, ready to be taken on long and short journeys by members of the programme.

After paying a registration fee, drivers only pay for the time they use, down to the minute – there is no monthly fee, and drivers won’t end up paying for a day’s rental when they only used it for a short journey!

It will be easy to find parking spaces with such a small car (it’s only 2.695 m – or 106.1 inches – long). And, as a bonus, you will never have to pay for parking when participating in the scheme, as you can park for free in any public parking spaces as well as in any specified car2go spaces across the city.

Along with never having to pay for parking, you will never have to pay for fuel, insurance, or cleaning when you’re driving one of cars in the car2go fleet, as all of those costs are included in the price.

Businesses, as well as individuals, will be expected to make use of the scheme. There will be many benefits for businesses wanting to use the Car2Go scheme. It makes sense for companies to make use of the fleet of smart cars, as they will only pay for the time they use (down to the minute), rather than having to hire a car by the hour or by the day. The invoices are clear and easy to access, as well, making it easy for the administrator.

The Smart Fortwo is fun to drive, and can reach a speed of 90 miles per hour. With new and used Smart Fortwo cars currently on the market for prices between £9000 and £15,000, the Car2Go scheme provides a much more cost-effective way to enjoy a Smart Car of your own. While you’re saving money and time, you’re also helping the environment by reducing emissions by using such a fuel-efficient car.

You can take a trip anywhere in the UK using one of the Car2Go Smart Cars – you just have to end the trip back in the Birmingham area. However, because of their size, Smart Cars are probably better equipped to handle shorter journeys within the city; if you wanted to carry several people or move house, you would be better off renting a sprinter van or another, larger vehicle.

Car2Go is an international company, with successful projects in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Canada, and the US. All the locations use the Smart Fortwo exclusively.

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