Revenge of the Electric Car in Cinemas this Month

You may remember the controversial documentary Who Killed the Electric Car created by Chris Paine. The film explored how manufacturers, oil industry and governments hindered the development of electric cars.

Revenge of the Electric Car

Well, Chris Paine is back with a sequel and this time it seems to be good news because since 2006, when the previous film was released, the green car technology has made a significant leap forward. Revenge of the Electric Car shows the budding green car industry through the eyes of four men: Bob Lutz, the General Motors Executive, a traditional Detroit maverick; Elon Musk, a Silicon Valley billionaire who thinks that California can be the future hub for hi-tech car manufacturing; Greg “Gadget” Abbott, a DIY electric car conversion enthusiast and Carlos Ghosn, the head of Renault. The latter is the film’s most surprising figure, and possibly the most sincere because Carlos Ghosn was known as a hardcore EV sceptic.

The film offers a unique journey behind the closed doors of large electric car manufacturers giving the viewer a first-hand experience of the resurgence of electric cars.

Narrated by Tim Robbins with guest appearances from Danny DeVito and Jon Favreau, Revenge of the Electric Car is promising to be a fascinating documentary. It’s in cinemas 20 July 2012. Don’t miss it.


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