Hydrogen Technology on the Rise

H2GOElectric Hydrogen Generator
H2GOElectric Hydrogen Generator

In the modern society we live in, everything is oriented toward preserving the environment. Most car manufacturers are moving towards hydrogen as it is one of the cleanest fuels in the world. Also, the manufacturers have realized that gas prices are hiking year after year and are thus looking for a solution to this problem in every direction.

Mercedes-Benz is setting the pace for other car manufacturers in using hydrogen as a main source of fuel. The manufacturers of Mercedes-Benz together with other mainstream manufacturers have a long term plan of switching fully to fuel cell cars and they plan to implement this goal by 2015. This will be a major milestone but it also has its shortcomings. If all the cars switch to hydrogen, where will the hydrogen come from?

A British company called the H2GO Electric LTD has the answer for this question. They have developed some electrolytic hydrogen generators which harvest hydrogen from water. These generators are not only intended to be used by cars but also in our homes. This is a very bold step to achieving the 2015 goal set by the car manufactures. The cars manufacturers now have a simpler task of incorporating this technology in their designs.

Assuming that an average motorist covers a distance of 1000 miles monthly and spends around £210 on petrol, if the same motorist was to use one of these electrolytic generators, he would end up spending less. In fact, the motorist would just need to pay around £50 for the same distance. Quick calculations, the motorist will save £160 every month. Within a year, this will be £1920. These are not exact figures because the prices of water are not uniform everywhere but it gives you an insight of just how much effective and efficient these generators are.

If hydrogen was readily available, it would facilitate the growth of fuel cell cars. Some of the developed countries like Germany and Australia are anticipating this change so much that they are setting up hydrogen filling pumps. These pumps will be available in every fuel stations available to the users at their request.

The hydrogen technology is approaching at a very fast rate. This business will be dominating the market shares within a few years time. If you are an entrepreneur then you can borrow a leaf from this helpful information and invest on electrolytic hydrogen generators. You might also decide to venture in any hydrogen related sector and within a few years, you will reap abundantly.

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