A Chance to Invest in Fuel Cell Technology

H2GOElectric Hydrogen Generator for Fuel Cell

Hydrogen is one of the cleanest fuels on earth. The easiest and safest way to apply hydrogen energy to motoring is to switch to fuel cell cars. Although Mercedes-Benz and some other mainstream manufacturers have intended to put fuel cell cars on the roads by 2015, the question is – where will the hydrogen come from?

It appears that a British company H2GOElectric Ltd has an answer; and you too can now take part by considering investing in this venture. They have developed a range of electrolytic hydrogen generators both for home and fleet use. The H2GOElectric generator makes pressurised hydrogen from… well, tap water! It’s that simple!

If we assume that an average motorist covers 1000 miles per month and spends roughly £200 at the petrol station, he’ll generate the amount of hydrogen necessary to cover the same distance for just £40 – 60 (depending on water and electricity prices). It’s an annual saving of £1800. The payback period is a little over 2 years (the hydrogen generator will cost around £4,000). The payback period is considerably shorter if the system is used in fleet business or shared between two or more neighbours.

If the hydrogen was more accessible, there would be a great potential in fuel cell cars. In Germany and Austria they’re preparing for the new type of cars by installing hydrogen filling pumps at the petrol stations. H2GOElectric Ltd offers a much cheaper and more convenient way to solve the problem.

Their investment target is just £50,000 and 49% equity is offered. If the fuel cell car sales take off, this could be massive! The £50,000 doesn’t have to come from one investor – they’ve been listed on Crowdcube – an innovative crowdfunding resource that lets anyone become a “Dragon”.

Visit http://www.crowdcube.com/investment/h2go-electric-10507 to become an investor! Operations Director (Brunel graduate) Martin Langley says: “…now we’ve got the technology sorted, our most pressing task is to get the message out and offer the opportunity as many interested parties as possible. Our cash requirements are actually quite modest so anybody wanting to take a punt on the Hydrogen Economy need only visit our crowdcube pitch to get an idea of how profit is achieved…”

Update 26/03: I just looked at their Crowdcube profile. Good news. Two people have already invested in this project. Are you in?

You can find out more by watching this video:


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