Barroso Packed Inside a Fold-Away Electric Car

Hiriko Citycar
Hiriko Citycar

A new Spanish-American city car concept was just revealed by José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission. The Hiriko is a foldable electric car developed in a collaboration by AFYPAIDA, DENOKINN, Basque design firms and the MIT.

Barroso described the Hiriko as a model of European social innovation – whatever that means!

This car features electric motors housed inside the wheels – this configuration makes it as compact as possible. Its lithium-ion batteries are hidden underneath the floor, and it’s a pretty big battery for Hiriko’s size – it will be able to cover 75 miles on a single charge.

The unique configuration has made it possible to create a 100-inch microcar that easily (and relatively safely) seats two. After you’ve reached your destination, you can simply fold the car away. The length is reduced to 60 inches. Magic! Three Hikiros can now be parked in a single parking space.

Spain is actually very keen on this project. It is expected that the tiny electric car will cost around £11,000 and the Government will purchase a fleet of these cars to be leased to the residents through a car-share scheme.


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